Hiking Backpack – High Plains


High Plains Canvas rucksack, comfortable, reliable and super tough. Sporting the famous (and fully adjustable) Exact Fit® harness designed for expedition programs – Made in Australia.


This bushwalking pack can take the large volumes needed for longer trips, while the famous (and fully adjustable) ONE PLANET® Exact Fit® harness gives it the comfort needed for big loads. The High Plains can cope with whatever the Aussie bush (and the kids) dish out! Made in Waterloc canvas, this tough as durable material will stand the test of outdoor education and beyond


  • The harness very adjustable, easily able to fit a wide range of heights and body shapes. Just choose your size wisely using our sizing guide (most Women are in a short, Most men in a Medium)
  • Please Note: select your size based upon our size guide, not pack capacity to ensure a well fitting harness.


  • Exact Fit® harness is endorsed by the Australian Chiropractic Association®
  • A user-friendly top lid pocket
  • Front pocket
  • Bottle pockets are located near the lower lumbar and can be adjusted to fit standard and wide 1 L bottles
  • Attachment points for a sleeping mat
  • Non-crack nylon buckles


  • Materials: Waterloc® Canvas (made in Australia)
  • Made in Australia
Harness SizeShortMediumLong
Capacity70 L73 L75 L
Weight2.4 kg2.5 kg2.6 kg

See more: oneplanet.au/product/high-plains-pack-canvas/

Size - Equipment: Short, Medium, Long