Spare Batteries – USB Rechargeable Battery

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Petzl® CORE – a fast charging, Lithium-Ion battery that replaces the AAA batteries in your Petzl® headlamp, reducing battery waste. It’s ideal for school camp use over long periods, charge at home or in the dorm

SKU: Petzl_RechargeBattery


  • Easy universal charging via the USB port
  • Charging indicator on the battery (red = charging; green = battery charged)
  • Performs well at low temperatures
  • Economical and sustainable solution as main power supply or back-up battery
  • Compatible with all all Camplist® head torches – and TIKKID, TIKKINA, TIKKA, ZIPKA, ACTIK, ACTIK CORE, TACTIKKA, TACTIKKA + and TACTIKKA +RGB models from Petzl®
  • Comes with charging cable


  • Weight: 23 g
  • Certification(s): CE
  • Type: rechargeable Lithium-Ion 1250 mAh
  • Recharge time: 3 h