Stove – Trangia UL-25

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The Trangia UL-25-1 is the outdoor classic! Its easy to cook for 1 -4 people, simple to setup, it packs away small. This go-to stove uses safe methylated spirits as fuel (please purchase your own fuel at a local hardware).

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The Trangia is outdoor education’s favourite stove. It’s simple, virtually indestructible and it packs up neatly. This classic lightweight stove is safe, easy to use and allows you to cook in the outdoors. With multiple pots and excellent stability its ideal for cooking from scratch, reheating/rehydrating or boiling. Made in Sweden.


  • Saucepan 1,5l UL
  • Saucepan 1,75l UL
  • Frypan Ø220 mm UL
  • Windshields upper & lower UL
  • Spirit burner with simmer ring & lid
  • Handle
  • Cleaning kit & instructions


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Hire Duration: 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks


CL Fuel Bottle

Fuel Bottle

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